We are ordinary people from Wiltshire who have realised that something needs to be done to tackle Islamic Radicalism & Supremacism in Great Britain. Studying the subject we have come to understand that the threat is very real and up to a global scale.

It is clear that Muslim leaders are trying to impose Islamic laws and their ways into those societies which have opened their doors for Muslim immigration. Apart from preaching hatred against the West, many imans have been discouraging integration and peaceful coexistence. As consequence tension in European countries (i.e. France & Sweden) has already sparked sporadic and even periodic violence.

We believe that the British Muslim community has done way too little to tackle fundamentalism. They have to fight this ideology in mosques and in schools; they have to orchestrate mass demonstrations against radical muslim groups such as Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, and many others; they have to renounce efforts to install sharia law in Great Britain; they have to promote integration and peaceful coexistence; and finally, they have to fully cooperate with the British secret services and police.

If you are from Wiltshire or any other part of England, join the EDL. If you are from abroad, join or start a counter-jihad movement in your country and spread the word. No Surrender!


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